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Lime Tree Alpacas

Our Story

We started farming alpacas at Christmas 2014 with a group of 4 males given as a present,  just to keep the grass down as an alternative to mowing.
Two years later we bought three females and the fun started. Males and females were kept apart, genetically the girls were better breeding stock than the original males. The girls were subsequently put to outside stud males and the breeding started in earnest.
Our first cria (baby alpaca) Tommy was born in June 2019 in the middle of a dawn thunderstorm. Since then we have bred Florence, Dylan, Titus, Joey, and this year, Casper.
We have added to the herd with Pantera and her daughter, Pandora. Melody, Summer, and Seduction also arrived in 2023.  We have 4 new beasts at stud in Cumbria due to arrive in Oxfordshire in September.
Alpacas are members of the (camelid) camel family and related to the llama, both originate in South America, in the case of alpacas, the Peruvian Andes. There are two main species, the huacaya and the suri.  Our herd is exclusively huacaya.

For the last two years we have collected several rosettes for our fleeces which are sent to shows after being bagged up following shearing in April.  The highlight was Tommy, our first home bred animal who won Champion Light Huacaya at the Cornwall Fleece show in 2023.

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